About Us

KaliKali & Co was started as a first step toward our dream of launching a non-profit organization in the future.  Kali was our inspiration for Kali & Co.  Kali, who lived to be 14 1/2, was always one of the most loving and caring dogs.  Our passion is to help give all animals that end up in shelters the life they deserve and to pursue the goal of every pet having a home.  It is our mission to help educate and fund efforts in animal welfare with special focus on spaying and neutering as well as animal abuse.  Our three dogs, and all of our previous pets, have been either rescued or adopted from shelters.  We hope that you have the same passion as we do for helping all of the wonderful animals that are looking for a great life and a loving home.

All of our products are handmade at our home in beautiful California.